Krispy Kreme Social



The lifeblood of agencies these days seems to be social content pulled off with little to no budget, while staying product and deal focused. The following content therefore is included to show my knowledge in design and animation, as well as experience in a studio and photoshoot. Because let's be honest, we're not blowing any conceptual pants off.


Hershey's Gold LTO

To introduce Krispy Kreme's limited time partnership with Hershey's new Gold candy bar, we emphasized the collision of two great brands and tastes colliding together.


CD: Jennifer Matthews     AD: Kory Brocious     CW: Emily Bress/Jon Colón     PR: Liz Stovall     Animation: Sulkybunny


Chocolate Eclipse

To celebrate the 2017 solar eclipse, we launched Krispy Kreme's first ever new glaze flavor "Chocolate Glaze."  The campaign set a record for number of impressions for Krispy Kreme, and was even trending on Youtube's Top Videos. On Facebook alone there were over 3.5 million impressions.


CD: Dino Valentini     AD: Kory Brocious     CW: Britton Upchurch     PR: Liz Stovall


Halloween LTO's

Knowing that Halloween more often turns into a friendly and neighborly competition, we decided the best way to get an unexpected edge at this year's Halloween party was to bring the best thing no one was expecting. Krispy Kreme Halloween Doughnuts. With the hashtag "Get Some Treat Cred", we built a campaign around the competitive nature of Halloween festivities, and told the narrative in a mock inspirational digital short titled "Rise."


CD: Dino Valentini     AD: Kory Brocious     CW: Britton Upchurch     PR: Liz Stovall      Director: Joshua Steadman


Gingerbread Glaze

To bring Krispy Kreme into the Holiday Spirit, we launched a new Gingerbread Glaze that combined a new gingerbread dough smothered in gingerbread molasses glaze.


CD: Jennifer Matthews     AD: Kory Brocious     CW: Britton Upchurch     PR: Liz Stovall